Nigel Frost 1951 - 2000

A Leading Light In Education

Nigel Frost practised as an interior designer for several years before entering into teaching, firstly as a lecturer in further education, then as a secondary school teacher of design at Comberton Village College, Cambridge.

He had gained his B.A in Three Dimensional Design from Kingston University in 1972 and then on to a PGCE in 1976 at Keele University. Whilst teaching Nigel carried out his research MA in Design Education at Loughborough University.

He developed courses using architecture as an integrated learning experience for pupils, based on further research he conducted in Scandinavia and North America. He went on to establish the first school based 'Architecture Workshop' at his school in Cambridge.

Through his work at the secondary school, Nigel was instrumental in the implementation of the first 'Architects In Schools' programme for the Royal Institute of British Architects, where he was the first none architect Deputy Director Of Education in 1985. This programme was short lived, as the direction of RIBA education refocused on higher education.

In 1989, together with the esteemed architect Lord Richard Rogers, Nigel founded 'The Building Experience Trust' in order to develop his ideas further. The Trustees at various times, included Lord Palumbo, Martin Laing and Ted Cullinan, with Nigel as Consultant Director.

The work Nigel developed as a teacher and as consultant director to The Building Experiences Trust was to become the basis of many of the workshops on this website.

Most of the workshops Nigel conducted through the Building Experiences Trust took place in 3rd party environments.

After publishing a report for the Arts Council entitled "Architecture in the Curriculm" Nigel saw a wider potential and need for his work by taking it directly into UK Schools as an outside resource.

In 1996 he founded The Architecture Workshops Association with his wife Elaine, who is now the Director of Architecture Workshops.

Elaine Frost 1951 - 2019

Founded Architecture Workshops in 1996, with husband Nigel Frost

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