Habitat & Shelter

120 min
45 Yrs 5/6 & 30 Yrs 3/4
Height Required: 
3 m
Key Elements: 
Design technology
Fine & Gross Motor Skills
Listening Skills
Problem solving
Teamwork & Cooperation
About the Workshop

The exploration of temporary human habitation is the theme of in this STEAM workshop, involving massive amounts of Problem Solving, Communication Skills and Teamwork. Pupils and are made aware of environmental requirements and personal space relating to their own homes through the design and construction of Shelters for one of three extreme environments; Arctic / Rainforest / Desert. Shelters must be large enough for each team to demonstrate how they would sleep within it, or have logical reasoning for any of the team not to be inside.

Workshop can be adapted to suit your own topic, eg Shelters along the Meridian line; Equator

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